Transforming Real Estate Associations with Our Comprehensive System

Streamline Your Operations and Enhance Member Engagement with Our Feature-Rich, User-Friendly Solution

Active Member Count

Track the engagement level by monitoring the active member count.

Brokerage Monitoring

Keep an eye on the partnerships by counting and observing the brokerages involved.

Applicant Status

Stay updated with potential new members by keeping track of current applicants.

Membership Activity Analysis

Understand trends and patterns using visual charts of membership activities.

Newest Member Identification

Identify and welcome new members using the latest member list.

Sales and Applicant Snapshot

Identify areas of growth and improvement through a clear overview of shop sales and new applicants.

Application Metrics

Track and monitor application trends using monthly metrics.

Applicant Data Analysis

Obtain a comprehensive insight into each potential member using detailed applicant data.

Real-Time Application Tracking

Stay updated on the progress with real-time application status tracking.

Customizable Application Forms

Tailor the application process to your needs with customizable application forms.

Applicant History Logging

Ensure thorough record-keeping with an applicant history log.

Advanced Application Sorting

Enhance application management efficiency with filtering and sorting based on various parameters.

Billing and Payments
Billable Item Creation

Set up one-time or recurring billable items.

Payment Cycle Management

Manage various payment cycles according to your needs.

Payment Tracking

Keep track of all payments and invoices for clear financial understanding.

Automated Payment Reminders

Ensure timely payments with automated reminders.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Offer flexibility to members with multiple payment gateway integrations.

Refund Management

Handle refunds efficiently and quickly.

Event Management Tools

Ensure smooth event planning with comprehensive event creation and management tools.

Attendance Tracking

Keep track of event registration and attendance.

Dynamic Pricing for Events

Offer flexible ticketing with dynamic pricing and quantity restrictions.

Calendar Sync

Keep members informed about upcoming events with seamless calendar integration.

Event Reminders

Keep members engaged and informed with event notifications and reminders.

Post-Event Insights

Gain insights for future event planning and improvements with post-event analytics.

Segment Management

Create and manage segments based on common characteristics for targeted communication.

Targeted Communication

Improve engagement and response rates with targeted communication for each segment.

Custom Segment Filters

Achieve more accurate and targeted results with custom segment filtering.

Segment Performance

Gain actionable insights for improvement by tracking the performance of each segment.

Automated Segmentation

Save time and improve accuracy with automated segmentation based on predefined rules.

Segment Comparison

Gain insights into each segment's effectiveness with cross-segment comparison.

Campaign Creation Tools

Create both Email and SMS campaigns to reach members on various systems.

Newsletter Builder

Improve communication and engagement with an advanced, user-friendly newsletter builder.

Campaign Analytics

Gain insights for campaign optimization with real-time analytics.

Campaign Scheduling

Ensure timely communication by scheduling future campaigns.

Website Builder
User-Friendly Website Construction

Build your website easily with drag-and-drop functionality.

Multimedia Integration Capabilities

Enhance your site's interactivity by incorporating various media such as videos, images, and forms.

Design Customization

Use a range of customizable templates and designs to establish a unique and appealing website.

Search Engine Optimization

Employ integrated SEO tools to increase your web visibility and attract more traffic.

Mobile-Responsive Adaptation

Ensure your website looks great on all devices with mobile-responsive design features.

Website Testing

Preview and test your site before publishing to ensure a flawless user experience.

Configuration and Team Management
Team Organization

Invite team members and assign them to departments for efficient organization.

Permission Management

Set custom access levels for each team member, protecting sensitive data and systems.

Custom Data Fields

Create customizable data fields for precise tracking of relevant information.

Team Activity Insights

Monitor team performance by tracking team activities.

Collaboration Tools

Enable real-time collaboration among your team members with various tools.

Document Management
Document Storage

Upload and store documents securely, ensuring easy access when needed.

Access Regulation

Control document access based on permissions, protecting sensitive information.

Document Versioning

Track the history and versions of documents, avoiding data loss during updates.

Document Retrieval

Use the search function for quick and easy document retrieval.

Document Organization

Tag and categorize documents for better organization.

Bulk Document Handling

Save time and effort with the bulk document upload feature.

Order Tracking

Maintain a comprehensive overview of all orders and their statuses for efficient order management.

Inventory Control

Manage inventory to ensure products are always in stock.

Sales Analysis

Track sales and provide analytics for a clear understanding of sales performance.

Product Organization

Categorize products for easier discovery by members.

Promotion Handling

Manage discount codes and promotional offers to increase sales and member satisfaction.

Shopfront Customization

Customize the shopfront for an enhanced shopping experience for members.

Election Management

Create and manage elections for a smooth and fair process.

Voting Permission Setup

Set up voting permissions to ensure only eligible members can vote.

Voting Status Tracking

Track real-time voting status to keep members updated on election progress.

Result Display

Display voting results in real-time, ensuring transparency in the election process.

Election Archive

Archive past elections for historical reference and transparency.

Candidate Profile Management

Create and manage candidate profiles, offering members comprehensive information about election candidates.

Discount Creation

Set up various types of discounts for shop items or recurring items.

Discount Management

Manage and monitor the effectiveness of the discounts offered.

Promotion Planning

Plan and implement promotional offers to boost sales and member engagement.

Discount Tracking

Track the use of discounts to gain insights into their popularity and effectiveness.

Customizable Discount Codes

Create customizable discount codes to cater to different campaigns and occasions.